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Recommended Reading & Viewing for Bay Visions


The Death and Life of Monterey Bay: A Story of Revival

by Stephen Palumbi

Anyone who has ever stood on the shores of Monterey Bay, watching the rolling ocean waves and frolicking otters, knows it is a unique place. But even residents on this idyllic California coast may not realize its full history. Monterey began as a natural paradise, but became the poster child for industrial devastation in John Steinbeck's Cannery Row,and is now one of the most celebrated shorelines in the world.

Down by the Bay by Matthew Booker: San Francisco’s: The History between the Tides

by Matthew Morse Booker

San Francisco Bay is the largest and most productive estuary on the Pacific Coast of North America. It is also home to the oldest and densest urban settlements in the American West. Focusing on human inhabitation of the Bay since Ohlone times, Down by the Bay reveals the ongoing role of nature in shaping that history. From birds to oyster pirates, from gold miners to farmers, from salt ponds to ports, this is the first history of the San Francisco Bay and Delta as both a human and natural landscape. It offers invaluable context for current discussions over the best management and use of the Bay in the face of sea level rise.

The Hudson River and the Highlands

by Robert Glenn Ketchum

Presidio Gateways: Views of a National Landmark at San Francisco's Golden Gate

by Roger Kennedy

Saltscapes: The Kite Aerial Photography of Cris Benton

by Cris Benton

On approach to SFO, a passenger glancing out the window will see the vivid patchwork of the South Bay's salt evaporation ponds. After a century of industrial salt production, over ten thousand acres of this once vast marshland are now being restored to their natural state. Using a kite to fly a radio-controlled camera to heights of up to three hundred feet, photographer Cris Benton brings this much overlooked part of the San Francisco Bay into sharp focus, highlighting one of the greatest landscape transformations underway in America.


Bay Visions Slide Show

Prepared for the January 20, 2016 Bay Visions Day, this slideshow documents the six Garden Club of America Bay-area clubs' restoration projects for the bays of Northern California.

Our thanks to Patty Dunlap of the Piedmont Garden Club for this creative and informative presentation.

Mission Blue

The Mission Blue Film won the 2015 News & Documentary Emmy® Award for Outstanding Editing – Documentary and Long Form!

"It's her natural charisma and infectious enthusiasm that are most compelling onscreen. As one of the first and foremost American women oceanographers, she became a standard-bearer among female field-research scientists, while also marrying and raising a family, long before the term ‘supermom' ever entered the lexicon."
~ The Hollywood Reporter

Saving the Bay

Saving the Bay aired nationally as a PBS prime time special over four weeks in April and May 2011 and was repeated several times around the country. It is still a recurring pledge drive program on KQED/San Francisco and KVIE/Sacramento. Thank you for watching!
For the first time, all four hours of the series are now available through streaming at

Hidden toxins in the fish we eat

What's link between the ocean's health and our health? Marine biologist Stephen Palumbi shows how toxins at the bottom of the ocean food chain find their way into our bodies – and tells a shocking story of toxic contamination in the fish market, where consumers were being tricked into buying fish that's not only mislabeled but unsafe.


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